How to Benefit From The Competition for Your Money

In the latest sign that the competition for your money is as hot as Texas in August, Fidelity Investments says that customers who open individual brokerage and retirement accounts will now automatically have their uninvested cash directed into a higher yielding money market fund. The move will especially benefit those who leave substantial amounts uninvested […]

Three Ways Millennials Can Start Saving More Money

For too long, Millennials have gotten a bad rap about money and their ability to save for a rainy day or retirement. However, a new “Relationship With Money” survey by financial services firm Edward Jones found that not only do more Americans born between 1981 and 1996 consider themselves “savers” than those in their parents’ […]

Like the real battlefield, 3.75 action figures acid rain war can be played in this way

This is a group of pictures of battlefield layout in acid rain war. Although we don’t know who made these pictures and the shooting technology is poor, the layout of the scene is still spectacular. The 88th army in the acid rain world is shown in the picture. You can see that the equipment of […]